COVID-2019 (updated 12/25/2020)

Washington County Mayor William J. Grandy has extended his Executive Order in Washington County, requiring face coverings over the nose and mouth for everyone 12 and older inside Washington County public buildings and any commercial building in the county until February 27, 2021. The order also encourages businesses to follow the Guidelines of The Tennessee Pledge.

To ensure that we keep all of our responders protected from possible exposure to this or any other infections, we are asking that members of the community refrain from coming to the fire station to be assessed for any illnesses. This will help make sure that all community resources are deployed correctly and available immediately to address any emergencies in our area. If you feel like you are having an emergency, please dial 911.
The following symptoms are signs of potential medical emergencies related to COVID-19. If you or someone in your family shows any of these symptoms, or has any other medical emergencies, please call 911 immediately:
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion or inability to wake up
  • Bluish lips or face