Every emergency call is different. This means that we have to have a different approach to handling every call every time. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that we cannot always be prepared for before we reach the scene of a call, and time spent working through those issues is time that would be better spent handling the actual issue at hand. These circumstances can be:

  • Locked or narrow access gates
  • Steep or narrow gravel driveways
  • Driveways that go to multiple addresses or are unmarked
  • Bridges with low weight limits

The results of these circumstances can be catastrophic, as pictured below.

Fortunately, this situation has not happened to us, but we are aware that the potential exists in our response zone. We certainly do not want to destroy anyone’s property, but more importantly, we do not want to have to handle our own emergencies before we can truly help solve those of others. If your property has any of the conditions mentioned above, or if there’s any other special circumstance on your property that you believe we should know about to help make our response easier, please fill out the form below and let us know. All information is confidential and will only be shared with 911 to make sure that we change our response as needed for the situation.